Next events:


London Steps: new venue

Step 2: 23rd February 10am-1pm

The Helios Centre, 116 Judd Street, London WC1N 9NS
Nearest tube, Kings Cross.


Sponsorship workshop

The next London Sponsorship Workshop is 1 - 4pm, Saturday 16th March 2019 at Waterloo Action Centre, download flyer here.


Salisbury Mixed Retreat

Bookings for the Salisbury mixed retreat on Friday 29 March - Sunday 31 March 2019 are now available online at the following link:


Coda Women's Retreat - Fri 30th Aug to Sun 1st Sep

The 2019 Coda Women's Retreat will be held on Friday 30th August to Sunday 1st September at Douai Abbey, Upper Woodhampton, near Reading, Berkshire, RG7 5TQ.  This event is Coda UK approved. Coda Traditions are observed and only Coda Literature will be availabe on sale.  Further details and a Booking Form to reserve places will be available soon.


CoDA UK Service Opportunities

There are opportunities to be of service at regional and national service levels. In particular the London and South East Region (LSER) currently requires a minutes secretary, a communications secretary and a chair in order to represent the meetings in the LSER region.

Currently GSRs are very welcome to attend the National Service Committee (NSC) meetings bimonthly, as the NSC are currently standing in to administer the LSC agenda until new LSER service holders become available. Specific time at the beginning of the meetings are given to attend to Regional matters raised by GSRs. Please let your meetings know of these opportunities. Contact (at) for further information.


Literature Service is Back!

The new CoDA UK literature website is now online. See details here



Public Liability Insurance

Your meeting may need insurance and you may not realise it!

For more information go here


CoDA UK Communications - Stay in Touch!

If you are a UK CoDA Meeting GSR and you are not yet on the mailing list for communications from the CoDA UK NSC, or if your meeting does not have a GSR currently but you would like to nominate a meeting contact email then please email us on coda dot uk dot nsc at gmail dot com. Individual members are also welcome to joint the emailing list.


Salisbury mixed CoDA retreats

Bookings for the Salisbury mixed retreat on Friday 29 March - Sunday 31 March 2019 are now available online at the following link:

The next Salisbury mixed retreat will be held on Friday 20 September to Sunday 22 September 2019. Email ukcodaretreat (at) for further information. (Please use the usual @ for email addresses. We have written it as AT to prevent spam trawlers)


About CoDA UK - information for newcomers

Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA) is a set of informal self-help groups made up of men and women with a common interest in working through the problems that co-dependency has caused in their lives. CoDA is based on AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and uses an adapted version of their Twelve Steps and Traditions as a central part of its suggested programme of recovery.

To attend CoDA meetings, all you need is the willingness to work at having healthy relationships. This means that all kinds of people attend meetings. Individual members can and do have differing political, religious and other affiliations, but since these are not relevant to the business of recovery from co-dependency, no comment is made about them.

All meetings begin with an introduction which usually includes the Twelve Steps and Traditions, a welcome to newcomers, and an explanation of the format the meeting will take. There may be a speaker, or a reading of a Step or a topic. The meeting is then open for people to share their experiences, feelings and recovery with the group. There is no obligation to share if you do not wish to, whether you are a newcomer or a long-established member. Each meeting usually incorporates a collection to cover the expenses of the group (eg hire of the meeting room) but CoDA is non-profit making. The meeting will end with a special prayer, called the Serenity Prayer. After the meeting, newcomers who would like more information can use this time to have their questions answered by more established members.

If you are new to CoDA, please read through all the information on this website, especially the page 'Am I Co-Dependent?', and contact CoDA by email if you wish. The best way to get started is to choose a meeting from the list here, and simply go along. It is suggested, if you are new, that you go to at least six meetings to find out if CoDA is right for you. You do not need to ‘join’ formally – if you decide CoDA is for you, simply attending meetings makes you a member.

CoDA UK is, as the name suggests, the UK arm of a worldwide fellowship. Links to other countries' organisations can be found on our links page.