Sponsorship Representative Role

Service Position Guidelines:

These are basic service position suggestions. However each individual meeting may decide on the requirements for each of their service positions.

Sponsorship Representative:

•    1 Year or more of Recovery suggested
•    Knowledge of being a Sponsor, Co-Sponsor, Sponsee or having worked the 12 Steps in a Step Group (however if there is no-one with this period of recovery or experience available to take the position, then the most qualified person available can be voted in by the group)
•    Be familiar with Meetings, the 12 Steps, Sponsorship and Coda Recovery as a whole
•    Will make themselves familiar with the CoDA UK Sponsorship Guidelines and direct members where to find this on the website or at the meeting
•    Will direct members to the Step Workbook and CoDA Big Book for guidance on working the 12 Steps
•   Will collate information about Step Groups and have a list of contact details to give to those looking for Step Groups
•    Will pass on all information to the Regional Sponsorship Coordinator to be put on the Sponsorship Website page on the CoDa UK Website
•    Willing to stay to talk with members for approx 10 minutes after the meeting ends
•    Regularly attend meetings