The National Steering Committee wrote to Fellowship Souvenirs on 24th September 2009 ending the contract with them as it contravened Traditions 6 and 7. A full report is provided in the previous Literature Report.

The NSC were approached in May 2010 by Frances Crawley from Buxton Books, informing the NSC that he wanted to purchase Fellowship Souvenirs and supply CoDA UK with cheaper literature.  The NSC requested a written proposal from Frances once he had purchased Fellowship Souvenirs and the licence to supply CoDA endorsed literature from CoDA US. Frances contacted the NSC to inform us that he had purchased Fellowship Souvenirs, now Buxton Books, but had not yet been able to secure the licence. To date the NSC have not had a proposal from Frances.

At the CSC Convention in July 2010 Dagmar and myself spoke to CoRE, the publishing arm of CoDA World about some of the problems members were experiencing in the UK with ordering literature online please see the reporthere.  Please feel free to email the Literature email address to let me know of any issues encountered when ordering literature from the US?

The cost of postage is one area that was asked about. CoRE informed the us that members can use the M bag. This allows twenty pounds in weight of printed matter to be shipped costing only $18!! This can take between 4-6 weeks delivery time.

The use of debit cards and Paypal are not accepted by their system.  However I have recently discovered that money can be transferred from a UK current bank account to CoRE bank account via wire transfer. If you have any problems with making payments please email Doug for further advice.



NSC Literature Representative