New Meeting Starter Pack

In this section you will find the information and resources you need to start a CoDA meeting, including a meeting format and readings to download.

It is also suggested that each meeting print a copy of the The Fellowship Service Manual (FSM).  This contains further explanations of how CoDA is structured, and is the resource from which CoDA UK draws its information.

If you are considering starting a meeting, there a several things you need to take in to consideration:

Where & When?

You can hold meetings in a variety of venues, for example churches often have rooms to rent, likewise hospitals, counselling centres or venues where other groups hold meetings.  It’s best to choose a time that is convenient for you to serve.


The seventh Tradition states that “Every CoDA group ought to be fully self supporting, declining outside contributions” and so it important to pay rent (no matter how little) for the meeting venue.  Obviously, you won’t know how large a meeting it will be at the outset, so it’s wise to try to keep rent to a minimum.

New Meetings - Financial Support for first 4 weeks Rent

The NSC has agreed to offer funding to New Meetings. This will comprise of 4 weeks rent, no more than £15 per week (a maximum of £60), to be paid directly to the facility in which the meeting room is to be rented.

It is asked that this money is repaid to the NSC once the meeting is self supporting and able to do so, but this is not a requirement of the financial support. In order to find out if your meeting qualifies for this financial support please email the NSC Treasurer first at treasurernsc_coda AT - replacing the word AT with the symbol @.

It is preferred that you come to the next available NSC meeting to put forward your proposal,  supplying a full list of the details of your meeting; location, time, type of meeting, start date, cost of rent, details of meeting room Landlord and contact details of the person setting up the meeting.However if this is not possible then please submit your proposal in writing via email to the NSC Treasurer.

Let people know about it!

You can invite people from other meetings to help establish a new meeting and welcome newcomers to CoDA at the new meeting.  Announce it at meetings and leave flyers with details  - map, time/day etc.  Contact CoDA UK to have your meeting advertised on the website.

Deciding the format of the meeting:

After a few initial meetings, have a group conscience to decide the meeting format, (eg. Speaker/ Topic/Step) ..this can be changed as often as necessary to meet the needs of the group as the meeting evolves.  It is a good idea to hold a Group Conscience once every 2 months to discuss any issues and to monitor treasury & literature needs.

We rely on CoDA’s Twelve Traditions to offer guidance in maintaining healthy meetings.  If your group needs help or support or has any questions that are not answered below, please contact the Regional or National Steering committee.

Foundation documents to be used during meetings:

Additional documents:

You can also click here to download the complete Meeting Handbook most recent edition July 2015 (formerly the New Meeting Starter Pack)