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Public Liability Insurance for Meetings
In the spirit of Tradition 4, the NSC has been looking into the subject of group insurance and some information has come to light which we felt individual groups should be made aware of:
Public Liability Insurance (PLI)
- The NSC recommends that all CoDA meetings consider whether they need PLI cover.
- Some venues require meetings to have cover
- Venues may hold meetings legally liable for losses caused such as theft after failing to lock the building
- Meetings may be liable for injury to attendees
- The meeting member who signs a room letting agreement may be held personally liable.
- A group policy can provide cover at a much lower cost per meeting then individual policies.
- The NSC intends to put a group policy in place.

1)  Coda meetings fall into the category of a small voluntary group in a 3rd party premises for insurance purposes. As a consequence, many freeholders require the individual groups to have their own public liability insurance in place. If the group has not got the necessary insurance as outlined in their lease, then the individual who has signed the lease will be legally liable should a claim arise from an incident involving a group member/ meeting. We are therefore suggesting that the individual responsible for signing the lease for the meeting room on behalf of the group please check the small print on the lease regarding any requirement for insurance.
2)  Health and Safety – It has also come to our notice that some groups may not be adhering to the health and safety obligations in their leases? This will vary from group to group but it is advisable that the person signing the lease on behalf of the group checks what their Health and Safety requirements are in relation to their lease and makes sure the group is covered.
3)  In the spirit of Tradition 5, to carry the message to other co-dependents who still suffer, we have also been investigating the possibility of negotiating an insurance policy on behalf of all the meetings of CoDA UK enabling groups to reduce their costs . Currently we understand the typical rate for a group’s public liability insurance is in excess of £100 per annum and we believe if we can generate sufficient interest, we can negotiate a rate significantly below this? If your group would be interested in participating in this umbrella policy, can the GSR indicate their interest by responding to including when their current arrangement comes up for renewal, current provider, current premium and meeting location? We are unsure at the moment when / if this policy will take effect and need to establish interest to move the project forward.