CoDA Member Shares

CoDA UK is inviting members to email in written “Shares” illustrating their experience, strength and hope, with the intention to provide access to them via the website and possibly in future UK published literature. These shares will serve as a helpful resource to aid identification, build awareness and to support our recovery; they may be of particular interest to newcomers and those coming to terms with their co-dependency.

Any member of CoDA can submit a share by emailing it to codashares at The shares committee will review and publish selected shares and is particularly keen to receive shares on the following topics:

*             Shares for newcomers (Experience, Strength and Hope)

*             Working the 12 steps/following the 12 traditions

*            Service

*             Sponsorship

*             Healthy meetings

It is suggested that these shares are 1500 words or less, contain no swearing and are written in the first person “I”. When writing the share it is important to consider the "Guide to Sharing" and work within the guidelines.

CoDA US also have weekly readings/member shares that can be downloaded below.

If you are interestested in contributing to these weekly readings, find out how you can at this link.

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You can view previous 2015 - 2017 readings here: