Town: Online via Skype
Address: Skype as per directions below
Day: Third Tuesday of month only
Starts: 19:30
Ends: 21:00

– mixed. All striving for recovery and willing to abide by Group Conscience decisions are welcome.


You can do this at any time between meetings, but responses (via both Skype & email) may be very slow until the day of the meeting. Joining consists of 2 stages: getting accepted on to the Contacts list, then joining a specific meeting on the day.

You will need to have access to a device with an up-to-date Skype application (group call may not work otherwise). If you don't already have a Skype account, you will need to create one – you could choose a Skype Name (for being listed in Contacts) that maintains your anonymity.

Open Skype, search for this address 'CoDA SkypeBirminghamUK' and send a request to join the group (this means being added to the Contacts List, not joining a specific meeting/conversation). In addition, you can opt to give your email address in order to let us know in advance that you intend to join a particular meeting; this should help in the joining process. If you decide to give an email address, you can either include it in your joining request through Skype, or email directly to the group’s email address (see ‘Contact’ below). If making initial contact on the actual day of the meeting, please start early, from about 19.00 hours.

On the day of the meeting, if we have your email address, we will send a reminder to that address and ask you to confirm if you’d like to or be able to attend. Later, we will add the names that have confirmed they’d like to attend to a group call. Simply answer the call to join the meeting. If you’ve confirmed attendance by email but realise later that you can no longer attend (or vice versa) just reply to that morning's email at least half an hour before the meeting. Please do not call the Skype account on the day and time of the meeting. We will not be able to answer since we will be in the group call.


This Skype meeting uses a set meeting format (like all 12-step groups). If you’d like to be able to follow the format better, please use ‘foundation documents’ available here: or, once you are joined up, you can request the Meeting Format (Draft) that we've adapted for the Skype meeting.

Please disable your webcam (the visuals!) – meeting is audio-only.

Please mute your microphone when not speaking (to reduce background noise).

Already-joined members who are willing to offer some service for the meeting (eg posting up parts of the Meeting Format/Foundation Documents, leading the meeting, etc) should try to join the meeting a few minutes early in order to volunteer.

Contact: Either via Skype (see ‘How to join’ above) or via email: birminghamukcoda at (replace ‘at’ with @ & don’t leave any gaps)
Last Updated: 15-Jul-2018

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